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Power and Control

Learning to be alone so that you can be part of a Team

Welcome to a series of transformative workshops designed specifically for today’s dynamic business world. Our approach is simple but profound: “Practical experience, hands-on help, and lots of coffee.” We understand that the business landscape is constantly changing, as are the needs of managers, directors and young, vibrant teams. Our workshops are designed to meet these diverse needs, mixing practical knowledge with interactive learning experiences.


A psychological, strong and intense mask worn by a person to manipulate. This mask will have a hypnotizing appearance, symbolizing the power of manipulation through a fascinating and mysterious visual expression that compels one to be observed. Venice, as a route for our workshop


Who controls us? Who can skillfully observe us while we are engaged in our work and our struggles? Who can use covert but direct influence on our interlocutors so as to attempt to manipulate us indirectly? And most importantly, are we aware of this?
Unlock Your Team's Full Potential

Prepare your people and teams to multiply their potential. Like a diamond they must create a unicum once cut to size, powerful and sharp

Snap to Retouch

Coordination is the backbone of any successful team. We offer specialized modules to improve coordination skills, ensuring your team works like a well-oiled machine, whether you’re in the boardroom or working remotely.

Case Studies Body Language

Understanding non-verbal communication is key in today’s fast-paced business environment. Our sessions on body language will equip you with the skills to read and convey confidence, openness, and assertiveness, enhancing your interpersonal interactions and negotiation skills.

Modern Gears

Dynamic Learning. Not typical classroom lectures. We focus on real-world scenarios, with practical tools and strategies that you can apply immediately to your daily activities. We delve into the psychology of organizations and group dynamics and how to harness them.

Why Us

With years of experience in coaching and motivating corporate teams, we bring a wealth of knowledge, empathy, and practical solutions to the table. Our workshops are more than just training sessions; they are transformative experiences that will reshape how you and your team view and tackle the business world.

Personality Construction

Our motivational experiences are designed to ignite passion and drive in your team. We focus on building resilient personalities who can thrive under pressure and turn challenges into opportunities. At the same time, they must be able to see behind them.


Eye contact is a critical component of effective communication, but it is often overlooked or misunderstood. Worse, for many people it is an impediment. They don't know where to look, as if they have their hands in their pockets without meaning to. In "The Power of the Gaze: Mastering Eye Contact in Communication," we delve into the subtleties of where and how we direct our gaze during interactions. How to use it effectively, understand its impact and read the signals it sends. How to prevent it from being our embarrassment.

the other side if the hill

The other side of the hill is the hidden side, the ignored side. Where the sun doesn't reach. It is the uncomfortable side, not liking to go and look at it closely. It is easier to ignore it, to avoid fatigue and fear. This is the title of a book by an excellent British analyst, Sir Basil Henry Liddell Hart. To those who are interested, I recommend reading it. It inspired me a great deal and to this day, having read it a first time as a boy and then as an adult, I am still drawn to it. So I decided to create a workshop dedicated to this valuable topic. It will be coming soon.

Record yourself!

Recorder. Yes, the tape recorder. Let's listen to each other. We will find that we are very different from what we think we are. We speak very differently from our thoughts. With our speech we travel down a path that was not exactly the one we intended to follow. We got carried away by the words, the tone, the disturbances. All this, even though we thought we were prepared, showed others not exactly what we wanted. We record and listen to ourselves. It is time to put away. Beware, someone else is speaking under your name.

A psychology workshop provides tools to explore your inner world, promoting greater self-awareness and authenticity.

Deep Self-Understanding

Participating in a workshop will sharpen your communication and listening skills, improving relationships and enhancing empathy.

Development of Interpersonal Skills

The interactive sessions and group discussions in a workshop setting provide opportunities for practical learning and immediate feedback, crucial for applying psychology concepts.

Practical Application

Attending a psychology workshop is an investment in your personal growth, offering you the chance to reflect, challenge yourself, and step out of your comfort zone.

Personal Growth