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PART I: Body Fundamentals

An introduction to the foundations of bodily expressions and key body language signals.

  • Basics of body expressions and postures.
  • Emotional clusters and their manifestations.
  • Connection between emotions, motivations, and behaviors.

PART II: Basic Concepts

Delving into psychological concepts of personality and deceit as they relate to behavior.

  • Fundamental theories of personality.
  • Personality and its impact on behavior.
  • The science and detection of lies.

PART III: Mastering Behavior

Techniques and methods for mastering the reading and projection of one’s body language.

  • Active observation for accurate reading.
  • Control and awareness of one’s own body language.
  • Accurate conveyance of one’s intentions.

PART IV: Advanced Mastery

Advanced insights into body language for building charisma and influencing others.

  • Setting and mirroring intentions in behavior.
  • Alignment between thoughts and body language.

Building charisma through non-verbal communication

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