adler maslow how old patterns can destroy your wishes

Old Patterns New Risks

“The Art of Cultivating Dynamic Intentions: Redefining Life Goals.”
In today’s ever-changing landscape, the methodology of intention-setting has undergone a transformation. The era of rigid and inflexible goals has been replaced by the more nuanced and flexible approach of dynamic intentions.

individual psychology, the danger of disengagement

Danger: The Disengagement

In the field of professional communication, a subtle but powerful danger is often overlooked: audience disengagement. Picture yourself leading a meeting. Unbeknownst to you, however, a different narrative is unfolding behind you. Your audience, the critical recipients of your message, begin to drift away.

Body Language. Never gesture is isolated

Never gesture is isolated

Never a single gesture is isolated. What is the moment when a gesture accentuates a decision, and what is the moment when it generates a mistake? Does it depend on who is watching us? Can we influence our interlocutor’s attitude before he judges us? Can we notice his attitude first and modify our gesture?