Adler Maslow Writer Coach Project Manager

With extensive experience in change management, I have led numerous initiatives to transform business processes, culture, and systems. I have come to understand how this aids and abets in identifying areas for improvement, developing strategic plans, and ensuring smooth implementation of change initiatives. My approach is holistic and considers both the human and technical aspects of change.

I teach that no matter how simple or complex the situation, one is not only a manager but also a coach, committed to helping individuals and teams improve their performance and reach their full potential. A method is essential, but equally important is understanding, through experience, how to take a personalized approach, providing guidance, support, and resources to facilitate self-improvement and adaptation to change.

Early in my work, I personally experienced my interlocutors’ ability to control information with body language.
So I decided to deepen my study, learn this technique, amalgamate it into my work and daily life, without neglecting the details and treating it as a real discipline to strengthen myself and the students I teach.
I studied how to incorporate this skill to build relationships, facilitate communication and achieve positive results in my projects. From all this, I decided to teach it as a fundamental technique in event preparation and project management as well.

I have worked on myself, first, and now on my students, who in turn teach, to have an empathetic and analytical approach, combining one’s expertise in body language with extensive management experience to create a unique and effective leadership style. It is not enough to know, one must also be highly communicative, reliable, and committed to excellence in all one’s professional endeavors.