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Understanding and implementing a structured mindset that incorporates both active (communicating to others) and passive (truly understanding others) communication requires a deep awareness of self and interpersonal dynamics.

This multidimensional approach to communication allows one to effectively navigate both as a sender and receiver in the communication process.




Comprehension is a profound process that goes beyond the simple acquisition of information.

adler maslow how old patterns can destroy your wishes
Who dances with you? Do you really know who?


The ability to build the real map. Penetrate the fog of war. Having the x-rays

create a map of every why
What is real and what is manipulation?. Learn to create a map


Reason and emotion together as a single matter for action

a new direction
What you need to learn: the right action, at the right time
Empathy Listening Assertiveness Reflection Adaptability Awareness
Empathy Listening Assertiveness Reflection Adaptability Awareness
motivation and perseverance
personal and professional development
personal and professional development

expected attitude

Despite ourselves, despite our position, it is sometimes necessary to assume a costume. It is necessary to impose oneself as an actor. Because that characteristic moment imposes that condition. It is not always necessary to want to follow our own construction every time. Sometimes we have to manipulate ourselves. It is not a defeat, it is a necessary adaptation. And it is necessary to understand it and it is necessary to know how to do it. A mistake would be devastating.

We Ourselves

When someone is presented to us we have to understand whether it is really him or just an avatar. We need to understand whether he has a costume that he has been forced into because others are driving him or the context is forcing him to be what he appears to us to be. Certainly our focus will be to understand who is pulling the strings behind and what strings. Also, it is necessary to adapt to who we are now facing, knowing that we have to extrapolate the real motivator. It will not be easy, but whoever is in front of us can unwittingly give us the keys to reading

Someone Else